Right now, there are a number of consumer representative positions vacant in a range of really interesting areas of health. Have a look and see if there’s something there for you! If you are interested in a specific vacancy but have not yet completed HCCA’s Advanced Consumer Participation course (This only applies to people who have done some consumer participation training in 2017, when we changed the course modules) please get in touch with Kate (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we might be able to bring you up to speed.


If you would like to nominate for one of these role please click here. If you need assistance to complete your nomination please contact Kate on 6230 7800 (9.30am- 2.30pm). All nominations for the positions below are considered and endorsed by the HCCA Consumer Representatives Program Steering Committee. Nominations close on Monday 19 February.


BreastScreen ACT Community Reference Group

This group provides a forum for representatives of women of the ACT to discuss issues and provide feedback, support and advice to the breast screening program on matters related to the services offered by this program. The group

  • Serves as a forum for networking and exchanging ideas between community organisations and the breast screening program.
  • Provides advice on the development and implementation of strategies that promotes awareness and participation in the breast screening program.
  • Provides consumer-based input into the development and dissemination of resources and educational materials for the breast screening program.
  • Discusses issues related to target groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, women with disabilities, women from lower socio-economic backgrounds and women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


The BreastScreen ACT Community Reference Group meets twice a year, at BreastScreen ACT, 1 Moore Street, Canberra City. Meetings are usually in March and October and the next meeting is scheduled for 1-2:30pm on Tuesday 13 March 2018.

This group sometimes seeks feedback/ review of consumer materials out of session via email. The successful consumer representative for this position must be capable of responding to out of session requests for input.


Standard 5- Patient Identification and Procedure Matching

Standard 5 is about the systems and strategies to identify patients and correctly match their identity with the their treatment. Standards committees oversee work in one of ten areas identified as being important to the quality and safety of health care and are an important area of involvement in the ACT Health system for HCCA. Every three years, hospitals are independently assessed on their performance in these 10 areas (known as accreditation). The Canberra Hospital will be accredited again in March 2018. The time between now and then will be busy and interesting for members of standards committees.

This is a high level committee, and consumers with some experience in meeting procedures and knowledge of the consumer issues in these areas are encouraged to apply.


Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of Every month from 9.30 -11am at The Canberra Hospital. The successful consumer representative for this position is encouraged to also attend the HCCA Quality and Safety Consumer Reference Group meetings which occur on the first Tuesday of every second month from 12:00pm to 1:30pm at the HCCA offices in Hackett.


ACT Diabetes Services Reference Group

This group provides a forum for collaborative information sharing, comment on diabetes services performance, and provides input into the development of diabetes related strategies and services in the ACT.

It contributes to the efforts of health services in the ACT to:

  • Prevent and delay the onset of diabetes
  • Prevent and slow progression of diabetes complications
  • Enhance the quality of life of people with diabetes


The group


  • Provides a structured exchange of information between the major service providers and consumer groups involved in diabetes management in the ACT
  • Provides input to ACT Health strategies and service arrangements relating to diabetes care
  • Receives and comments on ACT Health performance reports relating to diabetes, and participate in the evaluation of services
  • Receives and comments on activities reports from organisations represented on the Reference Group if they choose to table them
  • Identifies the improvements achieved in local diabetes services from a consumer perspective
  • Facilitates data collection and analysis to inform policy and practice in diabetes prevention and service delivery
  • Identifies and facilitates opportunities for prevention, including appropriate health promotion activities in clinical settings


The ACT Diabetes Services Reference Group meets 4 times per year (in approximately March, June, September and December)on a Wednesday from 8:00 – 9:00AM at the Canberra Hospital.

The successful consumer representative for this position will have lived experience of diabetes (personally or as a carer).


DonateLife ACT Clinical Advisory Committee

This committee provides advice on clinical issues, risks and proposed changes related to organ and tissue donation clinical service delivery in the ACT and surrounding region. They also advise the DonateLife ACT Consumer & Community Advisory Committee on hospital-based clinical and service delivery issues in the ACT and surrounding region. For more information on DonateLife ACT, please see here: http://www.donatelife.gov.au/donatelife-australian-capital-territory.


This committee meets bi-annually in May and November on the third Friday of the month at the Canberra Hospital. The successful consumer representative for this position will have a good knowledge of the clinical issues related to organ and tissue donation.


Mobile Dental Clinic User Group

The Mobile Dental Clinics are customised, vehicle-based clinics which will provide dental services to children (via schools), vulnerable and low income communities. This group will discuss and coordinate the operational requirements of two new Mobile Dental Clinics and develop a Model of Care and Business Rules for this service.

Meeting dates and times have yet to be finalised, and it is anticipated that meetings will be held for approximately 90 minutes every 4-6 weeks.


ACT Health Divisional Women Youth and Children Quality and Safety Committee

This high-level committee aims to achieve a culture of quality and safety within the Division of Women, Youth and Children. This committee responds to recommendations arising from Clinical Review Committees and Mortality and Morbidity Committees, high-level clinical incidents and risk assessments, complaints, compliments and other consumer feedback mechanisms and clinical audit activities. This committee also builds capacity across the Division to ensure services meet and exceed quality and safety standards.

This committee meets on the first Monday of every month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm at the Canberra Hospital.

The successful consumer representative for this position will have the ability to contribute at a strategic level, and an interest and some background knowledge of Women, Youth and Children’s health services.


Conference Sponsorship Positions