Queue Management and Electronic Wayfinding Project User Group


The Queue Management & Electronic Way Finding Project is aimed at developing and implementing a functional, useable queue management and electronic wayfinding system for ACT Health facilities.

The Queue Management and Electronic Wayfinding Project User Group will provide advice and recommendations on project design and implementation. User group members may be involved in testing the useability of systems. This opportunity would suit someone familiar with outpatient services, and who has an interest in ensuring that queueing and wayfinding technology is functional, user friendly and meets consumer’s needs. This committee will meet monthly, with the first meeting intended for August 2018. Meetings will be held at the Canberra Hospital.




Canberra Region Cancer Centre multidisciplinary project on sexuality, intimacy and cancer


This is a multidisciplinary project between the Oncology Psychosocial team and the Oncology Nurse Care Specialists at the Canberra Region Cancer Centre.  The aims of the project are:

  1. To develop a multidisciplinary approach addressing the effects of cancer and its treatment on the sexual health of individuals and their partners
  2. To identify consumer’s needs and preferences for addressing sexual health concerns following diagnosis and treatment
  3. To develop clear referral pathways for information resources and treatment interventions
  4. To develop resources and training capacity to address sexual health as part of oncology treatment

This opportunity would suit someone with cancer experience either as patient or as a partner of someone with cancer, bearing in mind that you will be informed by your own experience but will not be required to share it unless you choose to. The multidisciplinary project includes clinicians, specialist nursers, a psychologist, a social worker and a consumer.

Committee meetings are held every 6 weeks, and run for 2 hours. Currently these meetings are held on Tuesday afternoons, but depend on group availability. It is possible that the meetings will be held monthly as the project develops.




 Canberra Hospital and Health Services Policy Committee

This is a high level policy committee which assesses all clinical policy documents from Canberra Hospital and Health Services. It is made up of Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health and Administrative Personnel from across Canberra Hospital and Health Services.

The committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month with all meetings held at The Canberra Hospital from 1 – 3 pm. Papers are sent out to the committee 9 days prior to the meeting and members get 5 working days to review any submission assigned to them. The consumer representative on this committee can choose which submissions are most important for them to review from a consumer perspective. Therefore, a broad perspective, good community networks and a good understanding of consumer issues are important skills for the consumer representative on this committee. It will suit a consumer representative who has some experience reviewing policy documents, and who has time and capacity for reading 1-2 submissions before each meeting.



Project to improve information provision to consumers and carers experiencing chemotherapy at The Canberra Hospital


Consumers and carers experiencing chemotherapy at the Canberra Hospital have expressed interest in a standardised information/education package which includes  online access. Currently information is provided through many loose papers and pamphlets. The proposed package would streamline the process for consumers and carers and reinforce the education provided by allowing them to reflect on it in their own time, and after discharge home.

The project is one component of a broader quality improvement (QI) process that focuses on streamlining chemotherapy training and education for ACT Health staff, consumers and their carers at the Canberra Hospital Health Service. This project aim to improve staff and consumer satisfaction with the quality and format of education provision, and increase consumer and carer retention of essential information. It is anticipated that this will contribute to improved consumer outcomes.

The steering committee for this project seeks a consumer representative to contribute to this work. This project would suit a consumer representative who has some knowledge of cancer services and processes, and an interest in health literacy.



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