What is Health Literacy anyway?


What is health literacy?
A one-page infographic (text and pictures) summarising health literacy.


Health literacy for consumers
A one-page infographic (text and pictures) describing what you can do to better understand your health.


Individual and environment health literacy

A one-page infographic (text and pictures) showing the two components of health literacy


Health literacy in Australia
A one-page infographic (text and pictures) showing the percentages of Australians’ overall health literacy.



 Questions to ask your doctor and health worker


5 questions to ask your doctor – A4 size/ poster size
A one-page tip sheet listing five questions to ask your doctor or other health care provider before you get any test, treatment or procedure. These questions aim to make sure you end up with the right amount of care — not too much and not too little.


5 questions to ask your doctor – translated resources
This webpage contains translated versions of the 5 questions you should consider asking your doctor or other healthcare provider before you get any test, treatment or procedure.


Communicating with your health care provider
A one-page fact sheet with suggestions to help you get the most of your healthcare appointments, with tips to use before, during and after your appointment.


Healthdirect - Questions to ask your doctor

This page includes questions to ask your doctor about health problems, treatments, medicines and tests.


Ask Me 3– Good Questions for your Health

 Ask Me 3®is an educational program that encourages patients and families to ask three specific questions of their providers to better understand their health conditions and what they need to do to stay healthy.


Understanding medical tests

On this webpage you will find information and a video to assist with questions to ask your doctor and help weigh up your options.



Where can I get information on medicines?


NPS MedicineWise: Making wise choices about medicines

This webpage contains written information and videos to help you weigh up the pros and cons of taking a medicine, and how to work with your health professional to make the right decisions for you.




Where can I get after hours care?


ACT Walk in Centres - Belconnen and Tuggeranong, 7:30am - 10pm daily

Walk in for treatment of minor injury or illness. The Walk-in Centre provides free one-off advice and treatment for people with minor illness and injury. No appointment is necessary. Children under 2 years and people with complex or serious conditions should see their General Practitioner. This is a free service for Medicare Card holders.



Canberra After Hours Locum Medical Service (CALMS) is an after-hours doctor service operated by Canberra General Practitioners. Each member doctor of CALMS participates on a roster to provide appropriate medical after hours care in the ACT. CALMS provides care both at home and in surgeries.


13SICK National Home Doctor Services- 13 7425

The National Home Doctor Service is Australia's largest network of after hours home visiting doctors. This is a bulk billing service.



How safe is my hospital?...information on quality and safety


MyHospitals website

On MyHospitals you can search and compare the performance information for more than 1,000 Australian public and private hospitals.


ACT Government Performance Reporting on Public Hospitals

The ACT Public Health Services Quarterly Performance Report is a quarterly activity report on the performance of ACT public health services. This website has links to each quarterly report, going back to 2009-10.




ACT Hospitals and health services


Canberra Hospital


Calvary Public Hospital


National Capital Private Hospital


Calvary John James


ACT Find a Health Service

This website is a search engine for ACT health services, health advice and information.



Capital Health Network, funded by ACT Health, has developed Live Healthy Canberra. This is an online directory that provides high quality information about healthy living related programs and services to Canberrans, health professionals and workplaces. 



Where can I get trusted health advice?



 Healthdirect is a health search engine where you can find information about health and health services. It also has a 'symptom checker'- you put in your symptoms and some personal information and it will tell you what steps you should take.



Better Health Channel

Better Health Channel is funded by the Victorian government to provide a wide variety of health information.




Healthand is a website with general health information and lots of short videos. You can also store your health records and link your fitness tracker. It is endorsed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.




MyDr is an Australian healthcare website that provides reliable health information, health tools and calculators for symptoms, diseases, test & investigations, medicines, treatments and more.