The Health Care Consumers’ Association began work on the project “Advance Care Planning: A Conversation for Everyone” in November 2014.


An aspect of this project was to promote Advance Care Planning (ACP) to people with intellectual disabilities. We worked with ADACAS to develop a workbook that allows people with intellectual disabilities to demonstrate their consideration of the issues involved in ACP decision-making. This resource responded to a priority need identified in discussion with the community involved, and is to our knowledge the first resource of its kind in Australia. 


These resources are here for you to use.



Advance Health Care Workbook
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Advance Health Care Plan
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These resources have also been translated into Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Greek and Spanish.



ACP Fact sheet in Tagalog.pdf
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ACP Workbook in Tagalog.pdf
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ACP Fact sheet in Simplified Chinese.pdf
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ACP Workbook in Simplified Chinese.pdf
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ACP Fact Sheet in Greek.pdf
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ACP Workbook in Greek.pdf
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ACP Workbook in Spanish.pdf
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This work was funded by ACT Health and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.