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The Health Care Consumers' Association actively engages with our members and the broader community through consultations, community events, social media, and newsletter.


You can find relevant and updated information about new health services in the ACT, awareness campaigns and interesting health issues on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter.


The HCCA blog is a great place to find in-depth analysis on important health issues in our community. Consumer representatives and HCCA staff regularly post to the blog about events and conferences they have attended. 


Our newsletter is published fortnightly and these are available on our website.



HCCA vision: Consumers in control of our own health


Our mission: better health outcomes through consumer empowerment


We value:

· Our members’ knowledge, experience and involvement

· Integrity

· Collaboration

· Equity

· Participation and support

· Mutual respect

· Inclusiveness


HCCA Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021
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Conference Presentations



At the 2012 AGM, we were lucky enough to have a presentation from Sharon Friel, Professor of Health Equity at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health at the ANU. Professor Friel's presentation, entitled "Public Policy and Health Inequities" can be viewed below. The slides are set to advance automatically, in sync with the audio of the presentation. You can advance the slides manually, but then the audio will be out of sync with the presentation.




If you would prefer to download the audio (58.4 MB) and PowerPoint presentation (8.89 MB) individually, please find the files below.


AUDIO - Public Policy and Health Inequities - HCCA AGM Presentation by Sharon Friel, November 2012






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Encourage dialogue by Darlene Cox.pdf
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HCCA Report - Workshop on what consumers need to Self Manage our Chronic Conditions.pdf
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HCCA Village Creek Relocation Evaluation .pdf
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Presentation to ACT Health (Darlene Cox) - Feedback.pdf
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